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Letter to a Younger Me

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Dear Cris aged 15,
First of all, happy birthday!

I bet you are surprised I'm writing to you, but I thought that hearing from me now would make your life a lot easier in the future. You are a very hard-working and intelligent young woman and you'll be very successful in your life, if you learn not to give up what you start. That's why I advise you to think twice before dropping that English course you've been complaining so much about. I know when you started learning English, it was supposed to be a hobby and at the moment it's just not fun anymore. But hang in there and you'll end up with a beautiful career, which will teach you a lot about people and more importantly, it'll teach you a lot about yourself.

Never forget how old you actually are. Right now, what I see is a teenager trying to be an adult at all costs. You always try to be older than you really are. Forget this! Enjoy your age. You are truly very young and you should act so. This means you should be sillier, angrier, rebel more and make more mistakes! Believe me, people who matter will love you not only despite your mistakes, but also because of them.

Stick to your plans, support your own ideas as crazy as they may seem and speak up if you wanna be heard. You're not the only one feeling what you're feeling or thinking what you're thinking, so don't be afraid. Don't always do things in a rush. Instead of doing things trying to get rid of them so that you can go ahead and do something else, try doing less, but taking your time and enjoying what you're doing.

Have confidence in yourself. When I look at you I see a strong, intelligent person who is just too insecure to speak your mind, so you end up pleasing everyone but yourself. That's just tiring!Think about yourself for a change. Let your parents worry about you. You are the child and they are the adults. Don't try to switch places with them.

And finally, don't wear neon coloured leggings, jackets with shoulder pads or New Wave Glitter Gel on your hair. It doesn't matter what Capricho magazine says. It simply doesn't look good and you'll totally regret it later.
Cris aged 32

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